Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dungeons and Dragons Character Quirks

Some quirks I was considering for my bard in today's new campaign:

  1. Womanizer / Loves women way too much
  2. Alcoholic
  3. Routinely quotes books even when it's irrelevant
  4. Believes he's a hero from a prophecy or the reincarnate of another hero
  5. Doesn't understand names. He refers to everyone as their title only and when someone introduces them selves (i.e. "Bob"), he assumes that is what they are. "Today, I met a bob."
  6. Believes he's color blind.
  7. Compulsive liar, especially in regards to insignificant things.
  8. Absolutely no sense of direction (can get lost in an inn)
  9. Personality changes after dark
  10. Makes elaborate plans and then discards them because he believes they're too easy to see through
  11. Fear of bardmaids picks fights with bartenders (would be interesting for an alcoholic bard)
  12. Pyro
  13. Overly confident to a fault
  14. Afraid of 20-sided objects and counts the sides of oddly shaped objects like jems (believes they will bring about pain, misery, bad luck, misfortune, death, or even the end of the world)
  15. Compulsive gamblar
  16. Believes he's a werewolf but just has a sleepwalking problem
  17. Crossdresser
  18. Thinks all jokes are serious statements / no sense of humor
  19. Racist / Sexist / et cetera

    And finally, here are the ones I actually chose (excluded from the list above):

    1. Has a song perpetually stuck in his head that he cant ever seem to play.
    2. Talks to / Seeks advice from a hand-puppet.
    3. Is a master of disguises and has quirky personalities for each of his disguises.

    Not sure how I'm going to intermingle those things, but it should definitely make an interesting character. Next time, I'll begin the list at item #23 and add quirks for every day story characters.

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