Saturday, September 24, 2016

More new Character Quirks to help make interesting DnD Characters 5e

Hey guys, I wanted to share some more ideas for great and interesting characters for DnD. In my opinion, making a character is really easy to do but making him/her interesting and impact-full on the story line is a little more difficult.

Here's a few ideas:

1. Your character has a secret vendetta against another player's character.
2. Your character feels guilty about something that happened in the past so whenever he his asked about his past, he always makes up a crazy story -- doubly awesome if the story is always outrageous or not-very-believable.
3. Your character has an obsession with collecting a particular type of item. Is it something hard to find? Is it something stupid and mundane like cool rocks?
4. Your character thinks he can cast spells that he actually can't. Bonus points to the DM if he makes weird things happen whenever your character fails to cast one of these spells.
5. Your character expects the rest of the party to pamper him or otherwise do things for him, as if he were talking to his butlers.
6. Your character refuses to speak common and gets impatient with characters that don't understand him... insists on having an input in every conversation.
7. Your character is lawful evil and he thinks everything should die, but he swore an oath to the party and won't betray them... but still tries to do evil things when people aren't watching (doesn't work very well with a party that has a lawful good character like a paladin, since those type of characters can't stand for injustice)
8. Your character plays out outrageous scenarios in his head, which you narrate to the rest of the group, and then your character laughs maniacally to himself often.
9. Your character has nightmares every time the party goes to rest and insists that the things that happen the next day were a reflection of his dream somehow. Even better if you let the DM decide what your dream was.
10. Your character is blind. That simple. Even better if he isn't very adept at using echo location. Every shot is fired vaguely at the enemies.
11. Your character has daddy issues. Everything he says seems to be about how his dad wasn't there for him and never really loved him. Completely denies having issues with his father.
12. Your character falls in love with every female character he sees, except the one(s) in the party. (Even better if the female characters are upset by this.) Once he meets a new female character, he can't even recall having met any others. Especially funny if he keeps seeing new females in the same general area (like a bar or in a quest line).
13. Your character apologizes profusely for bringing harm to anyone or anything, the more intense the pain is that he inflicted the more terrible he feels about it. Continues to bring this up after battles.
14. Your character finds unusual creatures to be adorable. Often tries to keep dangerous things as pets instead of fighting them.
15. Your character is a raging alcoholic. He always has a flask that he drinks from until he can barely even fight, and when other characters bring up that he might need to cut back, he gets very defensive and offended.
16. Your character is a nudist. If anyone makes him wear clothes he gets very upset and takes them off at the first opportunity. Works especially well for druids.
17. Your character is a master of disguise. He tries to solve every problem this way.
18. Your character is a loner. He's not officially a part of the party, per se, but he tags along behind them and helps them out in battle with his bow. Whenever he's confronted by the group he makes his best effort to flee and avoid confrontation. The party eventually finds out that he has some deep connection to one of the party members or the quest and has personal reasons for following the group. For example, one of the party members is revealed by your character to be royalty and the rightful heir to a throne which is currently being held by an evil dictator.
19. Your character is a bowman, but only has one arm.
20. Your character isn't from around these parts. Everything he does is strange. He wears weird clothes, often incorrectly, and he doesn't know how to act in social situations. He eats with his hands, even when silverware is presented, and uses strange gestures at people that turn them off.

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  1. Excellent article. Taking these ideas and
    making an interesting character can not only be an exciting experience, getting you pumped for the campaign, but makes the rest of the table more intrigued by your character. One of the toughest things about the early sessions of D&D is everyone is excited about their characters and making them interested in your character is a tough task, especially without flaw or quirks.